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How It’s Done Rubbish Removal Meets the COVID-19 Health Challenge

Throughout these uncertain times, we’ve all dealt with difficulties in many elements of our lives. As Melbourne has been forced into lockdown again, most businesses are forced to operate under new rules, or have had to close their doors and stop trading. As for the businesses which are fortunate enough to continue to be open, rigorous hygiene as well as social distancing procedures have been implemented to ensure the safety of their customers.

Rubbish accumulation has been a significant worry for numerous homes as a result of COVID-19. Many are utilizing their spare time to do major cleanouts within their houses and also carry out renovations. It’s so essential to select a business that will adhere to hygiene guidelines and will work to keep your family members safe if you are calling for a service such as rubbish removal.

Why should I make use of a rubbish removal service throughout and after COVID-19?

Throughout the lockdown period, most of us have actually been forced to stay indoors and stay clear of public places unless absolutely necessary. With individuals investing more time indoors now than ever before, more people have found themselves doing all the work they’ve been putting off. Decluttering and clearing out unwanted items creates loads of rubbish piling up that is waiting to be thrown away. With most recycling depos and charity stores closed, it’s come to be a difficult task to dispose of your rubbish yourself. Having an accumulation of rubbish in your home does not only look unappealing it isn’t sanitary either.

Thankfully, at It’s Done Rubbish Removal, we continue to be open throughout the period of the COVID-19 pandemic, aiding many homes and businesses across Melbourne while maintaining safe hygiene.

Exactly how do I safely handle my waste throughout & after the pandemic?

The majority of families have had to deal with cleaning as well as disposing of excess waste and also rubbish on their own terms. Whatever requires to be gotten rid of by a rubbish removal service, it is best to stack it in an open area. By being organised with your rubbish throughout the COVID-19 duration, you can keep you and also your loved ones safe.

What should I bear in mind when choosing a rubbish removal solution?

You should call a rubbish removal business if you have found yourself in a situation where you’ve built up a large amount of rubbish which will not fit within your council bins. You need to be conscious of picking an organisation that prioritises the health and safety of their clients as well as their workers (especially during the COVID-19 duration). At It’s Done, we are taking all measures necessary to do so. Our team adheres to a stringent set of rules which impose social distancing, the use of PPE, frequent hand sanitisation, mask protection, and also reporting of potential risks/hazards.

We at It’s Done will certainly make every effort for you at a competitive price. At It’s Done, we offer our clients with a totally free quote and also will come out to your house, load the rubbish onto our truck as well as take it away. We fully understand the importance of ensuring your health and wellness by not putting you at risk and safely handling your waste.

If you are calling for rubbish removal, it’s crucial to select a business that will adhere to hygiene rules and will keep your household secure from viral exposure.

At It’s Done Rubbish Removal we have stayed open during the COVID-19 pandemic, assisting many families and businesses throughout Melbourne exercising stringent health and safety practices.

Whatever rubbish you have for dsposal, place in a heap in an open space. If you’ve found that you’ve built up a huge quantity of rubbish which won’t fit within your council bins, get in touch with us on 0418 175 908 or (03) 9820 1927 to arrange a free onsite quote.

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