negative effects of rubbish accumulation

6 Negative Effects of Rubbish Accumulation to Avoid

When we think of rubbish, there isn’t much that comes to mind that is positive. Rubbish is an unfortunate and mostly unavoidable reality, making waste management an important thing that individuals and organisations should keep in mind. Here are six reasons you shouldn’t let rubbish accumulate and why you shouldn’t wait to get your rubbish removed.

Bad Smells & Air Contamination

Nothing ruins your day like foul smells wafting into your nostrils. The odour of decomposing waste is one of the most offensive and leaving it too long can make dealing with it even harder to get rid of. The worst part is not the discomfort that smelly rubbish creates though, why it gets worse than that. If you can smell the waste decomposing, you are actually breathing in decomposing particles and possibly taking them into your lungs.

Loss of Usable Space

The accumulation of trash and waste products takes up valuable space. Space is a valuable commodity, especially in a city like Melbourne that is constantly growing in population. As the population grows, land values increase. Allowing valuable commercial or household space to be cluttered with rubbish is a terrible way for you to use it. Your space is worth more than using it to store unwanted stuff, therefore clearing it of rubbish let’s you get better use of it.

Attracting Pests and Vermin

Most people don’t appreciate uninvited guests of the human variety. Stacking rubbish in your home or office might help to keep your fellow humans away, it tends to attract pests and vermin. Flies, larvae, cockroaches, mice and rats to name a few, can move in and start a family. They don’t care about your house rules. They don’t pay their share of rent or bills. If you’re not careful they’ll eat you out of house and home!

Water Contamination

Water is a precious resource and contamination can create serious problems. If not contained and disposed of properly, liquefied waste can end up in storm water drainage and your water supply. Even solid rubbish can break down when exposed to rain, this can create toxic liquid waste, affecting the environment. This could happen from exposure to the elements of varnish, ink on paper, packaging materials, decomposing clothes, soft plastic and so on.

Soil Contamination

Contamination of soil exposed to rubbish happens in a similar way to water contamination. When you stack rubbish on bare earth, you could be exposing it to water, allowing contaminants to soak into the ground and toxify dirt particles. Even if your rubbish doesn’t make direct contact with dirt or grass, exposure to water and subsequent runoff can carry the toxins to it.

Impact on Health

All the above consequences of failing to deal with rubbish problems can have a negative impact on human health. Inhaling foul air into your lungs can cause infections. Cluttered spaces are bad for your mental health and general productivity. Pests and vermin can expose you to parasites, infectious disease, and allergic reactions. Water and soil contamination not only harms the environment, it creates all kinds of health problems too. The health impacts of not disposing and managing waste properly are not always immediate. Accumulation of toxins in the body can take years to manifest diagnosable symptoms.

Avoid Negative Effects of Rubbish Accumulation with It’s Done

To stay on top of household and commercial waste, you need a fast and reliable rubbish collection and disposal service like that provided by It’s Done Rubbish Removal. Our team are ready to load and take away your rubbish and dispose of it responsibly.

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