rubbish removal service versus skip bin hire

Rubbish Removal Service Vs Skip Bin Hire

When you have a large amount of rubbish to get rid of, the choice is between hiring a skip bin or booking in a rubbish removal service. Let’s go through the pros and cons of each before deciding on which option is best for you.

What is a Skip Bin?

A skip bin is a large metal container that is designed to be mechanically loaded and unloaded from a truck. The bins are delivered and left either in the front yard, on the nature strip or at the roadside, where it is filled with rubbish. When the bin is filled, it is then collected by the hire company for disposal.

What Is a Rubbish Removal Service?

A rubbish removal service involves bringing a truck to the location of your rubbish and having one or more workers carry and load it on the spot, take it away and dispose of it for you.

Is Skip Bin Hire Economical?

Whether hiring a skip bin to dispose of your rubbish or getting a rubbish removal company to do it for you depends on your specific needs.

Renovation Waste

To be fair, if you are having renovation work done the time preference might be longer. In other words, a renovation job usually doesn’t generate one load of rubbish all at once, so a skip bin would make economic sense to have on-site throughout the process. The people involved with carrying out the renovation work will usually be responsible for keeping the site clear of rubbish and will take care of the skip bin hire and waste disposal as well.

Do You Have Space for a Skip Bin?

Unfortunately for many people, it isn’t possible to put a skip bin in the front yard or on the street due to lack of space. A skip bin also needs to be placed on a level surface, which might also not be available. Others also have restricted access that prevents trucks from dropping off and retrieving the bin, while compromising with a smaller skip can mean a higher frequency of change over to get the job done. Having to do this can greatly increase the overall cost. A rubbish removal truck can park in your driveway in the worst case, or temporarily take up a parking space as the rubbish is loaded.

You May Need A Council Permit for a Skip Bin

If you need the skip bin to sit on public land, you’ll need to apply and pay for a council permit. This includes placing it on the nature strip or on the street. The cost of the permit depends on which council area you live in. Failure to get a permit can result in hefty fines.

Do You Have Time to Do the Work Yourself?

If you have the time and energy to load a skip bin yourself, you might stand to save some money. For most people, your time is valuable and better spent on other things like work, family or having a social life. Getting a rubbish removal company to deal with the whole job allows you to make the best use of your time.

Other People Have Access to Your Bin

People love free stuff and when they see an opportunity to take advantage of something without paying for it, all too often they will. Leaving a skip bin overnight often becomes an invitation for people in the neighbourhood to quietly deposit their own rubbish. As annoying as this is, there isn’t much you can do about it and you get to bear the cost.

Mixed Rubbish Types Can Cost Extra

Most bin hire companies only want specific types of rubbish to go into their bins. If they need to separate mixed rubbish at the other end it incurs extra costs that’ll get passed onto you. This may or may not be made known to you up-front, so it pays to make sure you know this before booking one in. In some cases, they’ll provide multiple bins so you can separate different rubbish types on location, taking up a lot of space and multiplying your hire costs anyway.

Timing of Delivery and Removal of Bins May Not Be Convenient

If you’re on a tight schedule to get rid of your rubbish, a skip bin hire might not suit your needs. If you needed to apply for a permit, you may need to wait for approval from the council. Then if there is a delay in delivery of the bin, or the truck is late to remove it and your permit period lapses, you might have to renew it or risk the council giving you a fine. When booking a rubbish removal service, at least the job will be finished the same day in most cases, and you won’t need to coordinate the timing with a permit approval.

Conclusion: Rubbish Removal Service or Skip Bin Hire

Comparing the two options disposing of household rubbish, the price of a rubbish removal service might look more expensive at first glance but digging a bit deeper reveals that it isn’t that simple.

Here is a quick checklist to help to understand how a rubbish removal service could be the better option:

  • Loading a skip bin yourself might not be the best use of your time, while a rubbish removalist does all the work for you, saving you time and effort.
  • No permits are required.
  • There isn’t the chance of other people freeloading on your efforts to dispose of rubbish.
  • A rubbish removal service offers faster turnaround and fits easily into your schedule.
  • You don’t need to worry as much about mixing types of rubbish together.
  • Access to your rubbish is much less of a problem to overcome.

Get an Obligation Free Quote for Rubbish Removal in Melbourne

Getting your rubbish removed is easy when you hire It’s Done Rubbish Removal for the job. To book us in for a no obligation quote, simply call 03 9820 1927 or 0418 175 908, or complete the quote form. Our friendly rubbish removal specialists make it their job to make your life easier while making sure your trash is disposed of responsibly, recycling where possible and avoiding landfill.

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