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How to Make Your Rubbish Removal Cheaper

With financial pressure on households and businesses, many people are searching for cheap rubbish removal. There is always a trade-off between available time and available money to solve problems. Getting rid of your rubbish is no exception. A little time spend preparing for the arrival of your rubbish removalist can result in cheap rubbish removal, saving you money. This article discusses a few ways to do this.

Make Your Rubbish Easily Accessible

A common question asked by a rubbish removalist when you contact them for a quote is “where is your rubbish located on your property?”. The answer will indicate the difficulty of accessing the rubbish that you want removed. If it is in the back yard or on a second floor, it will take a bit more time to get to, transport and load. Putting the rubbish on the front lawn, on the nature strip or in your driveway will help you to get a lower quote.

Put All Your Rubbish in One Location

If your rubbish is scattered around various locations of your property, it’ll need to be pointed out to the removalists before spending extra time collecting and loading it. It can also cause confusion about what needs to go, which can lead to the need for double checking with you to make sure no mistakes are made. You don’t want any mix-ups about want you want disposed of, or non-rubbish ending up being taken away by mistake. To reduce confusion as well as time, it’s best to place all the rubbish you want removed in one easy location.

Separate Similar Rubbish into Piles

Putting all your different rubbish into one big mass may be needed to sort through before loading. Recyclables are usually separated and loaded in a way that it can easily accessed for processing, while heavy or large materials need to go on first. Placing similar rubbish items together in preparation for loading will save you money on the rubbish removal job.

Make Your Rubbish as Flat as Possible

The most important metric considered in a rubbish removal quote is volume measured in cubic metres. If you can compress your rubbish down and make it flatter, then your quote would be reduced considerably. Breaking down or dismantling furniture rubbish into flat boards wherever possible will take up much less space than if it is left in its original form.

Contain Loose Rubbish & Small Pieces for Easy Collection

Placing small pieces or loose rubbish into bags or containers will make the loading process much quicker and easier.  Loose rubbish can get scattered or blown around by wind or get wet from rain, making collection more time consuming.

Ask Your Rubbish Removalist

Still looking for ways to get a better deal?  Ask your rubbish removalist for ideas on ways you can make it easier for them to get the job done, making your rubbish removal cheaper. If you prepare the rubbish to be taken before as suggested before the quote, you should get quoted a lower amount.

If you live in the Melbourne metropolitan area, give It’s Done Rubbish Removal a call on 9820 1927 between 8am – 5pm weekdays, or complete the quote form. It’s Done will get it done on time when you need it.

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